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ACC Roundup

In ACC news today,
the big game is Wake Forest vs. Kansas
. Kansas will be favored, and Wake is
missing Vidauretta still and Murray is still recovering from mono, but we think
the Deacs can do it. Go Wake!

Being the incestuous bunch that we ACC fans are, no doubt there will be
spouses and children there who are going to be out
for Roy Williams,
but big whoop. The guy made the decision he
thought was best
, and he doesn't work for UNC and that's that. But it
will bring up echoes of this past summer, no question.

Maryland continued to move back into the plus column with a
crushing victory over Stony Brook
. No major surprise there of course.
Terence Morris only
took five shots
, and the lack of aggression means that the Haywood/Morris stock market watch
will downgrade him 75,000 dollars.

In other Northern ACC mismatches, UVa
blew the doors off of Ohio
UVa is buiilding confidence
. Donald Hand says he's never been
undefeated in his college career, which we would reckon means that UVa lost the
first game of his first three years, which seems unlikely, since teams like
Stony Brook are usually home openers.

The problem with patsies is when they fail to cooperate though. Take N.C.
State - the question so far is simple: how
bad do they suck?
We know they've had injuries and Thornton
self-destructed, but c'mon. So far, they are just bad. There are two
fair things to ask: 1) how much will they improve, and 2) what could Krzyzewski,
or Williams for that matter or even Paul Hewitt do with this group? The
near-loss to Greensboro is still devastating for State's confidence.
Thank God for Anthony

And speaking of Hewitt, he failed in one critical Tech test, losing
his first match to Georgia
. He's doing a great job so the fans will likely
overlook it - this year! However, he is getting tremendous years out of
Alvin Jones and Tony Akins, which Cremins could never manage.