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Hewitt Lauded

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Sportsline has a glowing article up about Paul
Hewitt and what he's doing at Tech
. We are impressed with him and
think he'll do well. Nonetheless, remember that scene in Wizard of Oz where Toto
pulls back the curtain and the Wizard says "Pay no attention to that man
behind the curtain!" We felt a bit like that when the Atlanta Celtics
coach talked about Hewitt being in his office an hour and a half after being
named coach saying that he wanted help in getting players. On the one
hand, it's probably a clear-eyed acknowledgement of how things work right now.
On the other hand it was a bit off-putting somehow.

It's unquestionable, though, that if he controls the Atlanta talent market,
Tech is off to the races and will lift the ACC's fortunes also.