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ACC Roundup

The dominant - and near disastrous - ACC story last night was State's escape
vs. UNC-G.
It's the kind of game which will not help Herb Sendek's
cause, and it's also the kind of game which can really wreck tournament
hopes. An ACC team - much less a North Carolina ACC team - has no business
losing to Southern Conference teams. True, they didn't lose, but
they came pretty close.
We realize injuries and suspensions and such
have caused Herb to be short-handed, but come on. UNC-G?

Incidentally, Greensboro is coached by one time Wake transfer Fran McCaffery,
aka White Magic. The nickname didn't quite hold up for him, but perhaps
he's becoming a better coach than he was a player.

Meanwhile in Clemson, they
survived Winthrop but not by much.
Tony Stockman's brother Adrian
played for Winthrop by the way. Clemson's Stockman was
the gamebreaker.

In Tallahassee, they're still trying to figure out what happened against
Furman (hint - you have to guard the three point line, fellas), and sound more
than a bit disoriented.

Meanwhile, post-disaster, Gary Williams is spinning that losing
three early games was healthy
. Whatever. We're not sure how it's helping Terence
Maryland is taking on mighty Stony Brook tonight.

In other news, UNC's search for a football coach continues and rather than
narrowing has widened. Dom Capers has
ruled them out, though.

Now that Jim Donnan is definitely available, having been fired, the Charlotte
Observer is reporting that Baddour
won't even talk to him.
Nor has he, according to the O, returned
phones calls or replied to faxed letters of interest from certain coaches. Not
even a courtesy call. What happened to Carolina Class?

Meanwhile, Carl Torbush is
cleaning out his desk and holding his head high.
He's certainly come
out of this a lot better than Baddour, who may start to feel some serious heat
from the Rams Club and other influential alumni if he doesn't figure this out in
a hurry.

In other UNC coaching fiasco related news, Roy Williams
is scheduled to visit the state
as his Jayhawks take on Wake Forest this
Thursday. Our question: boos
or cheers?
Wake fans might be pretty
happy with him
, all things considered.

Not exactly a thrill a minute in the conference today, huh?