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CNNSI Writer - No Way Duke Can Beat Stanford

Every so often, someone writes something which is just destined for the
locker room at Duke.  Grant
Wahl is the latest.
  Not satisfied with saying he'd take Casey Jacobsen
over Dunleavy (hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we'd go 100% the
other way), he now says this: "I still like Jacobsen over Dunleavy, but if Duke somehow beats Stanford on Dec. 21, I'll post a picture of me eating at KFC in the following week's 'Bag while holding a SETH DAVIS ROCKS sign. Yet as George Bush the Elder might say about the Dukies (as channeled through 'Bag fave Maureen Dowd ), Nah Ga Da.

In other words, he says no way Duke beats Stanford.  Just curious, but
look at his picture and ask yourself: senior writer? Is that senior class

On the other hand, he says if Maryland doesn't make the Elite Eight, watch
Gary sweat (that's an ACC joke he might not fully appreciate).  We wouldn't
bet the house on this, but we'd take a loan out on the car: Maryland won't make
the Elite Eight.