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Two From The Mailbag!

We got two letters today which we wanted to pass on, the first from Ted:

Your point about ticket holders not attending all games is well taken, but remember many of them are gainfully employed ( or wouldn't be able to pay for tickets and contribute to Iron Dukes ) and many drive 30-50 miles to attend games. Game times are set for TV fans and it's not always possible to arrive in time for early games and getting home from a late game ar 0100am is tough when you must get up at 0600 to got to work, take call etc. It is never difficult to find a fan to use your tickets, and I always do, but give us a break. Maybe the ticket office could be more creative.

You run a great site, by the way!


Thanks Ted! Your point is well-taken also, and we understand
Davidson is not the matchup that UNC is. But our guess is that if they
scheduled the UNC game at 1AM to broadcast in Japan, Cameron would be filled,
no? And for people who don't want to attend, they could give their tickets
away or sell them or whatever.

Our pal Jeremy wrote in with some comments
about the officiating:

It may go unnoticed because this was such a lopsided game (despite our
guys not really showing up, at least not in the first half), but this
was one of the worst officiated games I can ever remember. It seemed
like really bad officiating live, and when I watched the game on tape at
home, it was worse than I thought originally. There were walks not
called all over the place, obvious fouls missed, some questionable fouls
called, five second counts not even being started, and a host of other
problems. It had no effect on the outcome of the game, and in fact I did
not discern an advantage for either team regardless of the score. It was
evenly awful officiating. It's one thing to call a game loose, or tight,
or even to be inconsistent, but these guys were simply horrendous. Look
at the game. You will see calls missed on obvious carries and walks all
over the place. It was worse than a high school game. I hope the league
reviews this game and has a talk with these officials. If they call a
big game this poorly, someone is going to get fined for their post-game comments...

It was pretty bad. The worst thing is that it was unpredictable. The main
goal of the refs is to administer the game and be as invisible as
possible. Unfortunately that didn't happen last night.