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FITS Wings It!

Mrs. FITS was looking for a bit of peace and quiet last night, so we caught
a garbage truck over to Chapel Hill and caught the Tarheel - Miami game in
the Stepford Dome. Your fibrillating fly got an extra special chuckle out
of the "spontaneous" cheers which (and FITS is not making this up) must be
approved by "Stadium Operations," presumably run by the bumbling
Brownshirts manning Dean's basement bunker. Considering these guys must
also control the piped in crowd noise, FITS is duly concerned about their
workload, as they manage a crowd every bit as spontaneous as a May Day
parade in Havana.

On a more solemn note, FITS was impressed by the good folks in Chapel Hill
as they observed the sanctity of this time of year by quietly gathering and
praying in their homes and churches, devoutly waiting to celebrate the
arrival of their Saviour......point guard Ron "did we really have 29
turnovers last night?" Curry.
has seen a lot of bakeries with fewer turnovers.....