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A Fan On Haywood's Monster Game & A New Feature

Doug sends us this from Iowa: "After his monster, absolutely dominating performance tonight, I certainly hope y'all will give Haywood some mad props after trashing him with the
"Haywood watch" last season. He deserves it, and it's only fair."

Fair enough, Doug, it was a sensational performance. Anytime you see a guy Brendan's size blocking shots on the perimeter, you have to be impressed. So let's revisit the Haywood watch from last season.

You may remember that we thought we had an original idea and in a sense we did, but CNNSI had the same idea,
unbeknownst to us for a
. But we came up with ours, a list of smaller guys who outrebounded
Haywood,  independently.
So if anyone comes up with this one this time, well, we haven't seen it yet.

This year we have the Haywood/Morris stock market watch: as their performances go up and down, we'll estimate the amount of loot won or lost. Currently
Brendan has had a nice run up and we're guessing he made 400,000 last night at a minimum.

But Terence has had a disastrous November and his stock is down, baby down! We'd mark him off 20% at least, but keep him as a hold for now. Our best guess:
he's down 800,000.

Remember, past performance is no guarantee of future results!