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A Great Reader Question

Matt writes in from Philly! Anyone have an idea? Great question Matt, thanks!

Hey fellas,

As I know I've told you before, I love the site. Maybe someday down the road
I'll be able to afford a sponsorship. For the young alums like me, its still
tough. Believe it or not, its something I will do if I ever make some money
in this world. Anyway, I had more of a question for all of you. Kind of
obscure, but could be interesting. I was at the Temple game this past

The guy sitting next to me was absolutely going nuts about this in
the first half. After Duke hit their sixth 3, he started saying that hitting
8 threes to start a game, while scoring no other points, was a NCAA record.
I have no idea if this is true, but this guy was really cheering for it. He
definitely got me into it. The interesting thing is he is a St. Joseph's
graduate. He was sitting with his wife, a Duke grad and Temple employee. I
have no idea what their names were, but I do know they were both there for
the Laettner shot in the Spectrum and national championship game that year.
They seemed to be big fans.

I was just wondering if you had any insight on
this. I know its obscure, but it would be an interesting fact if true. I
will assure you, he wasn't a drunken bum, like you can typically find in
Philly, my hometown which I love I might add. Anyway, I was curious. Thanks
for doing such a great job. Matt