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Some Challenge Notes

Albert Lin has a column up on CNNSI which
revisits the ACC-Big 10/1 Challenge.
While he rags on Carlos Boozer a bit,
saying that he's "not a naturally gifted offensive player," he also
says this about Mike Dunleavy: "Call us crazy, but this thought has begun to enter our mind every time we see him play: If Larry Bird had been a guard, would his game have resembled Dunleavy's?"

Glad to see someone besides Seth Davis has noticed that Dunleavy has
game. It doesn't shout out of the boxscore, but he really, really
understands the game.

CNNSI also posted some
fan responses about the Challenge.
They generally split on geographics,
with ACC area fans supporting our guys and Midwesterners supporting the Big
10/1. Our opinion? We'll take our guys partly out of chauvinism and
partly because Michigan, Indiana, and Minnesota are all in turmoil in one way or
another. Actually Wisconsin might be part of that formula as well, but
we'll have to wait and see. And the Big 10/1 has Northwestern, which is an
eternal weak sister. The ACC has no such team - both FSU and Clemson have
been deep in the tournament at various times.