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FITS Hits The Hill!

Inspired by rumors of a pending snowstorm, FITS winged his way over to
Chapel Hill on Sunday to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Arriving at one
of the town's larger malls, FITS noticed an amazingly long line snaking
past the store fronts. Suspecting he might have run into a source of some
hard-to-find Sony PlayStation 2s, your beatific bug was reaching for his
Visa card when a kind citizen told him it was merely a line of people
informing Happy Wanderer Dick Baddour that they weren't interested in his
crappy football job. At the head of the line was Ole Miss coach David
Cutcliffe who added insult to injury by stuffing a five dollar bill into
the suit pocket of increasingly rotund former hoop coach Dean Smith in the
mistaken belief he was Santa Claus.

query: When Coach D'oh! began flapping his arms at the end of the
Kentucky debacle, was he attempting to fly, or merely trying to surrender?