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ACC Roundup

UNC is getting a bit
down about the way they've played the last two games
. A lot of it comes down
to exactly what we said it would earlier: they haven't replaced Ed Cota and they
haven't gotten any quicker.  Brian Morrison is the better player, but not
until he settles down some.  Good guy Joseph Forte is finding his sophomore
season, so far anyway, a
bit tougher as well:
he's shooting .315 from 3 point range and .387 from the
floor, according to Mike DeCourcy.  By the way, check
out what Antwan Jamison did last game out.

Next up: Miami tonight, a team which has also gone through  a coaching
transition, and one with big-time freshman Darius Rice. We're guessing that Lang
will have to guard the much quicker Rice.

Incidentally, the remarkable UNC women's soccer program won
their 16th NCAA title this weekend,
so congratulations to them.  That's
an incredible accomplishment.

In less pleasant UNC news, the
football search continues
, and people are starting to snicker as Baddour's
search goes from the Beamer's of the world to the Darnell's and now to a step
below that.  Caulton Tudor says frankly that the
firing backfired
, and it's hard to argue the point.

Guys who have said no to Baddour

  • Frank Beamer
  • Gary Darnell
  • Dave Cutcliffe
  • Jim Donnan

The pressure on Baddour must be immense, because after Mack Brown persuaded
them to make huge improvements in the facilities, well, if no one sits in the
stands, UNC still has to pay for al that stuff.  He has been at UNC long
enough now to have a track record, and included in that is one (and probably
two) botched coaching searches and an operational deficit.  It's not
looking good for Dickie.

Up in Winston, Wake was apparently on autopilot vs. SC State, and Dave
Odom was not happy
. Citing Wake's 24 turnovers, Odom said it was
"garbage."  Mike DeCourcy, however, says Wake
is dramatically improved
because it took O' Kelley out of the point
slot.  We're guessing he didn't see the SCSU game, but his point is still

With quality wins over Michigan and George
in the BB&T Classic, the tension has eased a bit in College
Park after a disastrous start.  But people are still talking about Terence
Morris, and
it's not all nice.
  Incidentally, Byron
Mouton has moved into the starting lineup.

In Clemson, they are still talking about last
season's near-fight between Larry Shyatt and Eddie Fogler
.  Larry
Shyatt also has a confrontation with Larry Bird in his cv as well.