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Cawood Ledford Ailing

Duke fans likely well remember the conclusion of the Duke-Kentucky game, the
game of The Shot, where Coach K went over to UK broadcaster Cawood Ledford and
talked to him and Kentucky fans about what an amazing team they had and what an
astonishing performance. That was Ledford's last game at the mike, and like many
Duke fans, we feel a certain connection with him after that experience.

Anyway, he's not doing very well. He's in the hospital with an
undisclosed illness described only as serious. If you'd like to send him
best wishes - and we hope many Duke fans will - you can reach him at
Here's hoping he has a speedy recovery and gets a few more chances to talk on
the radio. We know, we know, he's retired, we just mean guest spots, interviews,
a chance to tell everyone he is ok.