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ACC Roundup

ran all over Bucknell last night
, by 50, no big surprise. After we ridiculed
Maryland's December schedule yesterday a Maryland fan wrote and said, well what
about UVa? So looking at their schedule, they have Virginia Tech (rivalry
game), Purdue, and Tennessee for non-conference games. The rest is a joke. The
difference of course is that Virginia has won their tough games and Maryland has
not. Georgia
Tech beat Harvard,
as they should, and Clemson beat Charleston Southern after
coming out flat and going down 15.
That's ok, because last year they would
have not come back. Clemson is now a respectable though not great 8-4,
with losses to Seton Hall and Cincinnati.

In a fairly rare Friday performance, UNC
is taking on UMass in Charlotte today
, returning for the first time since
they lost to Wake in the ACC Tourney.