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Boswell's Photos from Duke/Stanford

OK, he admits he's not Ansel Adams or Margaret Bourke-White, but our man Boswell finally got the right pictures back from the camera shop, which are the ones he took at the Duke vs. Stanford game in the Oakland Arena (nice seats, Bos!). Click on a picture for a larger image.

 Coach K, Newell, Fellenzer at Press
the day before the game
coaches at the press conference

Harrick, Montgomery, Braun at press
The Arena at Oakland

Golden Gate Bridge Rae Carruth's Future Home?

Muir Woods Pete Newell, Jerry West, Oscar
Robertson (can you find Condoleezza Rice?)

TIVO Mascot Player Introductions

Coaching Staff Coach K gives instructions

Can you find the Tiger? Timeout

Harrick waits for his halftime
Condoleezza Rice

Coach K after the game Montgomery and Jacobsen after the

Christmas in the lobby of the Claremont Resort
It's not really Rae Carruth's next

Nate On The Line
Shane getting a hug from Chris Collins outside
the locker room
(sorry, it's blurry)


A Stanford crowd greets Jason Dunleavy scores

Second half warmups Nate Sneaks It In

Anticipation Shane Inbounds
Jason on the line