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Tamir Goodman Update!

As you may remember, we have taken a special interest in Tamir Goodman.
Originally recruited by Maryland but released from his verbal commitment,
Goodman landed at Towson, after Towson promised to accomodate his religious
needs. So far Towson is 6-6 and has given Villanova a good game and very
nearly upset Michigan last night - at Michigan.

This is one of those games that powers set up between the break with
perceived patsies. It's partly a case of Michigan being down, but it's
also a case of Towson being tougher than people perhaps realize, and with
Goodman getting a lot of time (34 minutes) and adjusting to college basketball,
having seen him play a fair amount, we're pretty sure that part of their
improvement is how he is affecting the offense. Like Mike Dunleavy, he doesn't
have to have a statistically huge game to have a big impact. Last night he
shot 4-5, had 4 boards and 5 assists in his 34 minutes. Michigan, to be
fair, is not really Michigan right now, but the kid has moved up on his team and
is having an impact on the game. Keep an eye on him; his understanding of the
game is truly superb.