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More On The ACC's Potential Bids

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Over on Sportsline, Rob Miech has a
rip up on Terrence Morris
, who is having a terrible senior year thus
far. And at ACC Today, Todd McGee has a column up sort of following
up on Frank Burlison's earlier column on Fox, suggesting that the ACC might get
7 in the tourney.
McGee disagrees.
But he rules out (by not mentioning) Tech. We think
that's a mistake.

Currently, we think Tech is playing better than Clemson, FSU, and State.If
they swept those six games, and stole two more somewhere else, they aren't that
far away. Perhaps one could come against Maryland, we don't know.
They have Harvard left, which should boost them to 8 wins, and that's halfway to
being considered, more or less. Anyone who feels secure playing these guys
is making a mistake. They aren't going to roll over for anyone.