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Peggy Sets Us Straight!

Peggy Sent us this update on a question we asked about the Dovonte Jones link yesterday. Thanks Peggy!

Hey guys-

In your story yesterday about State's promising point guards, you were
wondering about a cryptic reference to golf balls and Shoney's. Well, it
got me wondering, too. Turns out it's a reference to the fact that the
football team at Chapel Hill High (where Edwards plays) was involved in a
three-way tie with Jordan and Northern for first place in their division,
and only the top two teams were able to go to the playoffs. So
apparently, the tie-breaker system they have involves looking at
conference record, head to head match-ups, common opponents, and if all
else fails, drawing lots. And, you guessed it, the head coaches all went
to Shoney's one day last month and drew numbered golf balls out of a bag.
Chapel Hill High drew number three and had to sit home, despite a 9-1-1
record (including an infamous victory over Jordan in that game that had
to be suspended due to suspected gunplay).

Just thought I'd let you know. I found this info in the N&O archives
(which, by the way, they are going to start charging for next month for
all non-subscribers). Keep up the great work!