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Duke Falls To 3rd, Five ACC Teams In Top 25

After the Stanford loss, Duke
falls to #3 in the latest poll,
while Stanford climbs to #2 and Michigan
State takes over the top spot. That's understandable, as the Spartans have
built a tremendous program.

Also worthy of mention, though, are two ACC teams which have really risen,
Wake Forest at #4 and Virginia at #8, one spot behind Kansas, who recently had
their butts totally kicked by Wake. UNC is in at #14, and Maryland at #18.
Right now it's hard to argue against any of these teams as NCAA material, and if
they continue to play as well as they all have, not getting at least 5 would be

Six remains a possibility, though either Tech or Clemson will have to play
their way in. Barring a miracle run in the ACC tourney, FSU is dead already, and
State will have to really turn it around to get to the NCAAs.