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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, UNC salvaged
their half of a mini ACC-Pac-10 Challenge
, holding off an
impressive UCLA rally from 18 down. Jason Capel insulted the Bruins,
saying "We thought we were the smarter team. Take that any way you
want." The camera also caught Adam Boone shoving Earl Watson out of
bounds at a key point. It wasn't dirty, but it was sneaky.

Watson had a bit of a run-in with Haywood too, when he snatched the ball from
his hands. According to Haywood: "He mumbled something. I looked at him and
said, 'Hey, it's not that serious.' I don't need any testosterone chest bumping.
I wasn't going to be baited into anything like that."

The knives are out in L.A., as the sportswriters
have caught on to Lavin.
Here's a
major rip
. How would you like to wake up to this?

And from the bowels of the Dean Dome, where unemployed coaches go
to...contemplate, Phil
Ford is speaking out about his lost year
, about drinking and losing his job
after Doherty came in, AA, the President-elect being a former lush,and how
generous a lot of people, including Coach K, have been.

There were other ACC games, of course. UVa
which they should against UMBC of course, and are poised to enter the
Top 10. Here's
more from Richmond.
Hermann Wendorff of the Fayetteville paper has
a lot of respect
for what UVa has accomplished. So do we.
Incidentally, despite having a 6-7 center and normal sized coaches, no one is
bemoaning UVa's inside game or big men coaching.

Maryland had an
easy game against Norfolk State,
winning about 300-12.

Also, here's some notes from Clemson's
trip to sunny PR.