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A Christmas Story To Remember

Well it's that time of year again, so Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to
everyone!  We hope you all have wonderful holidays filled with love and
happiness and all the things which make this season so vibrant.

Along those lines, we
want to pass on a story from the News and Observer
which we hope someone
will pick up and make into a movie. It's a story about a German kid who was
abandoned by his father after his mother died, who was ostracized in an
orphanage and never felt accepted until the Hitler Youth came for him.  He
was 11. 

He saw the Americans come and was impressed by their humaneness, and then
later by the movies, and so he came here. As time went on, he ended up in
Garner, and by an odd series of events, the little boy who had nothing ended up
becoming Santa Claus.

It's a very strange and touching journey this man has had, from the isolation of his youth to the darkness
of Hitler Youth to his transformation into Garner's Santa Claus. Anne Saker of the N&O has written some nice stories before, but this is the best we've
read.  This is a Christmas movie waiting to happen if anyone out there is
involved in the industry.  Enjoy. All our best to you and yours.