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Charlotte Stupidity

The Charlotte paper has a particularly dumb comment up about Mike Dunleavy's
playing in Portland as a homecoming game and suggesting that they scheduled it
this year because he
might not be back next year.

Well, first of all, see the quote currently on the front page: "I love
Duke. I'm a four year guy." That's Mike Dunleavy, roommate of Shane
Battier. We've heard Mike repeat the sentiment on other occasions as well.

Second, having seen a lot of unprepared people come and go in the NBA,
Dunleavy's no fool.

And third, has it occurred to anyone at the Charlotte paper that while Mike
Jr. might be in the same place for four years, odds are excellent that Mike Sr.
be? NBA coaches don't exactly have a lot of job security.

Not a vintage effort, fellas. You're supposed to be the pros. Can't you do
better than this?