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How Boswell Ruined My Dinner (And Likely Breakfast Too!)

On this West Coast jaunt, Boswell took a number of photographs, as is his habit, and took them to a photo drop to get them developed. Maybe he was wearing his Bush-Cheney shirt or something (see his account of his West Coast trip), but whatever caused it, he was involved in some weirdness, as often seems to happen to Our Hero, who in recent days has returned Art Chansky's dog to purgatory, had his face rearranged when his sprinklers came on unexpectedly, and who Julio once found propped up against a wall in Cameron, deathly white, with a nauseating inner ear problem:

His nice Duke/trip photos were not all returned to him. Instead, he got several pictures of a very large, and largely nude woman nursing a newborn infant, in full glory and obvious enthrallment.

Was she a Stanford fan? Was the fat lady singing?

Could be. She looks pretty damn happy.

Regardless, there is some plump new California mom who rushed to get her photos picked up and who probably immediately saw photos of West Coast Crazies rather than her big American breasts (don't write us, it's a reference to the Martin-Akroyd "Wild-and-Crazy-guys" routine of yesteryear) and while her first reaction was likely "who the hell is this?" Her second one was likely "oh my GOD! Who the hell has my pictures??"

Well we have them. And you can have them back under two possible conditions:

1)Give us 10,000 mullahs per photo or your future political career is toast.

2) Speak to the Quicky Mart Einsteins who are responsible for this and see to it that it never happens again, and part b, never, ever, take nudie shots to the Quicky Mart again, not even if there is a cute baby in the shot.

We're sure she's a lovely lady and she's obviously an adoring mom, but frankly we've seen things we were never meant to see, and, well, sleep might be a long time coming tonight.