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ACC Roundup

In other ACC news, for a bit of perspective after the Stanford game, State
has a key game against
Why is it key? Because they can't afford
to lose
. They'll also have Damon Thornton back, one presumes, though he's
not expected to start.

At UNC, the big man situation in the near future is cloudy, as they are
recruiting a JUCO and relying on a football player. No knock on Peppers of
course, but it's his hobby sport. He's
back practicing
by the way.

Wake Forest is now the conference's highest ranked unbeaten team after
taking out Temple last night.
Despite two likely player defections and a
losing streak, Temple is still Temple and made
it a tough game.

In Tallahassee, FSU finally got an easy game but had to go to D-II to do it,
beating Binghamton by 22.
We know, but at this point a win is a win.

In some other more noteworthy news, Clemson gave
Cincinnati a game last night
, cutting an 18 point lead down to two (sound
familiar?) with about 4 and a half to go but couldn't pull it off. Nonetheless,
at 7-3 and with highly competitive losses to Seton Hall and Cincinnati, Clemson
is plainly greatly improved over last season. Cincy lacked
a healthy Steve Logan,
but still, Clemson would have been blown out of the
water last year.