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ACC Roundup

Today's big story, of course, is the return of Damon Thornton. Convicted
three times, Thornton is nonetheless back on the team in a move which will
likely damage State's hard-won credibility. Here's
the N&R
on the return and here's
the N&O.

Clemson is down in Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rican Holiday Classic, and had a
bit of a tussle with Florida International
before putting them away.
They have Cincinnati in the next round, and might have a shot as Cincy only beat
Youngstown State by 11. Here's
more from Charlotte.

Mick Mixon has an interesting article up on ACC Today about UNC athletics in
general and the "sizzle" factor, which
he says is lacking.
It's an interesting point. UNC has been in a great
positin, marketing wise, for a very long time, but with so much new in the state
things have changed and a new marketing approach would probably be smart.
He says among other things it's not that UNC fans arrive late, it's that they
don't sit down early. Ok, fine, but that's not exactly a compliment,

Eddie Landreth has an article on Julius Peppers, about his staying in school
vs. leaving for the NFL, and his basketball skills. One of the things he didn't
mention is that in their recent article on cleaning up the game, the NCAA
compiled a video of prime offenses. One of the stars: none other than Julius
Peppers. His season this year won't be quite like his last one if the refs
follow the directive.

The Deacs are on the road
to take on a foundering Temple team
. John Chaney's Owls are always tough,
but this year the wheels are kind of falling off. Nonetheless, they are
dangerous and may match up reasonably well with Wake.