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Attention! Krzyzewskiville Tenters

Norm Bradley posted this on our board and we thought we'd pass it along

The first day of registration for K-ville is Sunday,
January 7. However, tents do NOT have to have 8 of their
12 members back that night. Each tent only needs 1 person
back to register and make a regular tent check or two
that night. Having to have 8 of your 12 members in the
tent between 10 pm and 7 am starts the night of Monday,
January 8. The reason for the one-day discrepancy is that
dorms do not open until the morning of January 8, and I
feel it isn't necessary to have everyone sleeping outside
when they don't have dorms to go to to warm up.

I've tried my best to spread this info to the "hard-core"
tenters, but I'm still getting lots of e-mails about it, so
if you are student, please relay this info to other tenters.