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ACC Roundup

Virginia has probably had bigger wins than last night's
monster game against Team Stupid,
aka Tennessee, but it's hard to remember
one. Tennessee is a gifted, powerful team. They are big, too, which
UVa is not. All of which makes the 107-89 final score that much more
amazing. This is a team, remember, with a 6-7 center. It's a hugely
impressive win, and Virginia deserves great credit for pulling this off.

It's being called an upset, and we guess it is, but when someone dominates a
game this thoroughly you have to think that it's not so much an upset as it is
either a poor job by the poll voters or the Tennessee coach. Or both. ACC
fans, particularly UVa fans of course, should be psyched. After Wake
clobbered Kansas, this is a tremendous win for the conference.

In other ACC news last night, Georgia
Tech had a competitive game against Stanford,
which no one would have
thought last season. We actually thought they were going to pull the
upset. But their confidence is bound to grow from this performance, and
the fact that they are going toe to toe with the big boys in college hoops and
not flinching.

Florida State flinched. Boy
did they flinch.
Cleveland State, coached by, if we remember correctly,
Rollie Massimino whose career has really headed south since that magical night
vs. Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team, took the 'Noles to double OT before
finishing them off. FSU is now 2-8, with the ACC season on the way.

At State, Damon Thornton will
know his fate soon.
AD Lee Fowler says it's not just the arrest, or
the grades, it's the whole deal, it's like his own kid. When his kid gets
busted, we'll be interested to see his reaction. Our guess is it won't be so

We really regret missing Friday night's Charlie Rose Show: good Dukie Charlie
had John Wooden, Bill Russell, and Bill Walton on, according
to Ned Barnett
. What a show to miss.

One of the big questions about Maryland thus far has been their heart.
Terence Morris has been the biggest question mark, but the team overall has
seemed rudderless. Well Juan Dixon is doing what he can to rectify the
situation, and
looks like his slump is over.