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Sans UNC, A Nice Night For The ACC

What a wacky night in the ACC. First and foremost for fans not of the baby
blue persuasion, Kentucky came into Chapel Hill and just
beat the holy snot out of Carolina at home
, thus ending the honeymoon, the
romance with Matt Doherty's youthful energy and among some fans causing a Gut
nostalgia. Who knew?! Anyway, now that he's had back to back pastings from
Michigan State and Kentucky, it seems clear that UNC isn't on the same level as
some other teams nationally, at least not yet. Not to say they can't
be. It was also almost immediately obvious, even from a most casual
viewing of the game, that Brian Morrison will be playing point fulltime
soon. Ron Curry might but now we know his Achilles Tendon is still
bothering him, so he's likely out. And Adam Boone, while a solid kid,
doesn't appear yet to be up to the job. So sooner or later, they either
have to give it to Forte or name Morrison. That's the name of that tune.

And Maryland
bounced back against Michigan
, thank God, but what's up with Wake Forest? Only barely getting by South Carolina State? NC State
did better against ODU, and that's a real team. Well pretty real anyway.

But the big deal of the night has to go to Georgia Tech, since the Yellow Jackets
upset UCLA,
and helped push Lavin further out the door. That's Paul
Hewitt's biggest win to date and it will go a long way to establishing his
program, particularly with Tony Akins, who was superb.