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Stanford Tuning Up

Stanford is tuning up for the Duke game with the
Stanford Invitational,
where they invited two creampuffs and a team expected
to be a pushover in Georgia Tech. Tech has proven to be somewhat more than that
so far. They are well ahead in their game as we write this and so look certain
to play Stanford in the championship, meaning that the Cardinal play back to
back ACC teams. We're pulling for Tech, needless to say, and we are
wondering how seriously Stanford is taking this team. They've made their
point, we think, and are past that now and starting to believe in
themselves. A hard running team, Tech will try to get Stanford out of a
pattern offense. Can they pull it off? We'll see. Does it seem more likely
now than a month ago? Without question.

We'll say this: when you look at the schedules of Tech and Stanford, there's
no question Tech's schedule has better prepared them for this game than
Stanford's has. So, for that matter, has Duke's.

Here's who Stanford has played so far:

  • San Francisco State (100-49)
  • Old Dominion
  • at Memphis (83-60)
  • Georgia
  • Cal Riverside (84-51)
  • at Long Beach State (86-63)
  • Sacred

Here's Tech:

  • Wofford (92-49)
  • Charleston So (85-62)
  • Davidson (92-61)
  • at Iowa
  • at UCLA (72-67)
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky (86-84)

The first two are ridiculous, unless you are Clemson. But Davidson is
dangerous and underrated (ask Stanford -they gave them a game last
season), and the rest are all very respectable.

The opponent in common of course is Georgia, but there is an asterisk there:
Montgomery and Harrick coached against each other for years. No surprises
there. We'd love to see the head to head record actually.

We don't think that Montgomery has ever played a Hewitt team. So we
think that all things being equal, and with Tech's confidence soaring, yes, they
have a tremendous shot at getting way ahead of the curve. We're pulling for you!