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ACC Roundup

In Chapel Hill, no one had ever gotten a triple double until Brendan
Haywood's recent big game. Now Jason Capel has
matched that
, getting his against Buffalo. Everyone's talking about it,
including the N&R's
Rob Daniels, the
, and Bill
from Winston. Perhaps the most significant news from this game though
is Ron Curry's assumption of the starting point guard role, a tacit admission
that neither Boone nor Morrision is ready. According to Art Chansky, the
erratic Brian Bersticker has been effectively
shelved as
well, as Will Johnson has moved ahead of him in the rotation.

The endlessly sucky Seminoles took a break from losing with a
win over Jacksonville Sunday
. Our favorite parts of this story: the line
where Mike Matthews hugged a fan (the fan?), and Nigel Dixon, whose protective
eye gear, adopted after an injury is apparently a pair of designer shades,
making him the only guy in college basketball wearing sunglasses on the court,
thus adding massively to his burgeoning legend. Monte Cummings helped
off the bench.
No shades for him.

In Charlottesville, you've got to give them a Hand. Something like
that, anyway The Post has an article up on Donald Hand's season thus far, and
how he has quit worrying about loving the bomb and started to enjoy
the pass as well.
He's had a great career for a guy who was basically
recruited as an afterthought. Speaking of UVa, they'll be playing in the Jimmy V
Classic in a big matchup against Tennessee. We'd bet on UVa but UT is just as
athletic and way bigger. Fortunately for Virginia, Tennessee is
traditionally a very stupid team, which is why they blew their tourney game to
UNC last year, and that will give UVa a chance to overcomet their superior
size. NC native and All-Name Team member Jenis
Grindstaff is on the Vols squad now
, and for him, it's likely a very
personal game as both of his parents died of cancer. UVa's Greg Lyons also
has defeated cancer.

Down Tech way, after the Kentucky game, Tubby Smith told Paul Hewitt didn't
know about Halston Lane. "Neither did I," Hewitt said he
replied. They're learning, and
the rest of us may be too
, as this guy sounds like he's got a bit of Matt
Harpring in him.