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FITS On Holiday Giving!

FITS may take the occasional poke at his friends over at Ewe-N-C, but
that won't stop him from recognizing their outstanding accomplishments.

The latest virtue displayed by the Tacky Blues would seem to be
thrift; reeling from a $50 million investment in a football stadium
they can't fill, and dodging arrows from a faculty which wonders why
semi-literate Frank Beamer is being offered over $1 million to coach
football while much of the UNC academic infrastructure sinks into the
muck, the Tarheel football program has evidently become the proud
recipient of stolen steaks from the Durham Winn-Dixie supermarket.

Durham police yesterday arrested Joseph Pack, and charged him with
what FITS can only call a Robin Hood crime: he allegedly stole from the
rich (Winn-Dixie) and gave to the poor (the UNC football team.)

Especially at this holy time of the year, FITS asks you to think of
the less fortunate, and if you happen to have some leftover meats or
canned goods this month, why don't you consider dropping them off at
hapless Dick Baddour's athletic department, where a donated or stolen
steak is appreciated (by malnourished 300-pounders) every bit as much as
a purchased one! God Bless You!