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Two More Women's Diaries and More

Time for two more diary links:

First, Georgia Schweitzer's. Georgia writes about her heroes,
including one old teammate who once played with three broken fingers!

Second, here's
Coach G's. She writes a
bit about the Clemson game (and how she worked her team rather hard in
practice afterwards), the trip to Cancun for a tournament, a lighthearted
barb at a player's expense, and how little time she gets to spend with
her husband, who is head coach at Elon.

Also of interest is
this link,
where it's revealed that Nicole Kaczmarski will, as expected, be
transferring to Georgia. Good to see that Duke was on her list, at least.

GoDuke continues to impress with a

Rochelle Parent interview, where the hardworking Ro tells
us about her role models and wanting to make a difference when she graduates.

Finally, there's a spiffy article from
Bill Brill, one of the finest sportswriters there ever
was. He writes about Alana Beard, her impact at Duke, and what her
presence means for the future of the program. Great to see him tackling
women's hoops, an assignment the always-able Jon Roth usually covers.

Oh yeah, Alana was once again
ACC Rookie of the Week. This is a recording...