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Goodman Update!

One of our favorite players in the country as you probably know is Tamir
Goodman, once committed to Maryland but now playing at Towson. He had his best
game of the season
so far, scoring 16 vs. Liberty with 6 assists. Some
e-mail and some posts on the board questioned our recent comments saying that
Mike Dunleavy, like Goodman, submits to the game.

It was a deliberate comparison. Goodman is not playing in the ACC, but his
understanding of the game rivals Dunleavy's and the two of them have probably
the best understanding of the game in college basketball today. Some of
you felt the two couldn't be compared because of their different experiences so
far, but we'd disagree. A couple of years ago we would have said the same things
about Josh Pastner, who rarely even got off the bench at Arizona, but whose
brilliance for the game is already widely known.