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ACC Roundup

Herb Sendek has only five healthy players to put on the floor vs.
New Hampshire
, but even so, not one of those players would ever have
considered New Hampshire when they were recruited out of high school, so it
really shouldn't matter.
If it does
, there's big trouble in Raleigh. They've certainly had injury
problems, but if they could shoot, well, that would help, too.

In Chapel Hill, Matt Doherty is set to welcome
Julius Peppers back
to the basketball court after exams. He says he thinks
Peppers will be back next year, eschewing early
entry into the NFL.

In Winston-Salem, Wake Forest is suddenly breathing down Duke's neck in the
Top 10, having risen to #6, and face an
improving Georgia tonight.
They should take them to the cleaners, but we
have spoken before of our great respect for Jim Harrick's coaching
ability. Now, he tends to get players who are flakes, at least at UCLA,
and he himself is a whiner, but between the lines, his teams always play smart,
fundamental basketball. However he is still short on talent, and at least
so far, the state of Georgia poll would go: Georgia State and Georgia Tech tied
for 1st, and Georgia 3rd. This game marks the
return of Rafael Vidauretta.

Somewhat ludicrously, Odom says Georgia is playing as well as Kansas.
Well, on second thought, Wake might beat them by 30, too, but we don't think
that's what he meant.
Georgia has beaten Tech and State
, and so for the ACC it would be good if
Wake won by, say, 50 or so.

In an emotional note, Jim Valvano's final speech at Reynolds
is going to be replayed between the games
of the Jimmy V Classic on Tuesday.
In our view, that ranks right up their with Lou Gehrig's farewell, and we would
strongly recommend taping it. Even years later, it still packs a tremendous

Adding to the potential problems at FSU, a team struggling mightily, no one
is buying tickets. Dave Hart is clearly
quite aware of this.

A key part of UVa's success has been Travis
, who is out of position at center - but still kicking some booty.