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Three Big Games To Marvel Over

In national news, there were two big games today, with intense endings:
first, Arizona, a team which had dared to presume greatness, comparing itself to
UCLA and San Francisco, was
taken out by Illinois
for their third loss of the young season.

Woof, woof.

We're sorry, but all-time teams don't lose 3 games early, let alone all

However, don't start thinking they are going away. They have too much
talent to disappear. Odds are they'll work through their early difficulties and
be better for it.

Nonetheless: ask not for whom the Woof Gods woof...

In the other game of note, Kentucky came within
a whisker of upsetting Michigan State,
in a ridiculously low-scoring game,
losing 46-45. We'd like to think the fans might give Tubby some credit,
but we know better.

Ok, one other big-time game, and another Woof-Gods special: after penning a
light-hearted taunt for a Duke fan recently,
Mike Jarvis' Red Storm blew
a game to Hofstra.
Not very impressive. Once again: woof, woof, woof.