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ACC Roundup

As we have often said, there's a sense of family in the ACC that's kind of
different in college basketball.  That's why the Len Bias tragedy cut so
deeply. On the flipside it's why so many of us take pride in our former players
when they do well.  So we have followed Nate McMillan's career with great
interest and are pleased by his
ascension in Seattle
, where he is now the head coach.  This is a really
nice article about his life and rise.

Jim Johnson, "The Courtmaster" over at, has a detailed analysis of all ACC teams on how each stands at this early part of the season. It's a good read.

The Charlotte paper has a tremendous behind-the-scenes
article about Wake Forest
. This is really an excellent column, one we highly
recommend reading. Really a nice piece of work by Scott Fowler.

Up in College Park, Maryland has at least been winning games after a
disastrous start.  But their last game, against Penn, they surrendered most
of a 20 point lead before bouncing back.  Tonight they get local rival UMBC,
and the Terriers are
better than usual this year.
  According to the Post, Gary Williams has
been telling his team in no uncertain terms that they lack toughness, and that
message isn't
always going over well.

Colin Ducharme left UVa in order to get more playing time immediately at
Longwood.  So
far, so good.