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C'well Update - Direct from Italy!

Our pal, Marco, in Italy posted on the DBR's Bulletin Board an update on Chris Carrawell who is now playing in Marco's homeland. Grazie, Marco, grazie! We reprint it here:

Hi everybody. It's been a long time since I posted my last time.

Just because no one seemed to notice it, I tell you that Chris Carrawell

plays now for an Italian A2 Pro Team, Cestistica Barcellona.

A2 is our second most important League, with just 8 teams, while A1 is made of 18 ones. A month ago Chris was close to was picked by my home team, Pallacanestro Cantu'.I spoke with the "so-called" GM and he told me that C-Well was under contract with the Spurs(!), while the whole world knows that he was waived. He's a damned ignorant, as the team is 1-8 and C-Well could have done a big work defensively and also offensively.

The obscure Travis Williams (a Turkey refugee with some NBA minutes with the Hornets a long time ago) was picked instead.

Btw, here are Chris' statistics for his second match, in which he guarded the former Boston College Antonio Granger, compared with Antonio's ones.


Pts 25, Mins 45, FG 9/15 (0/1 3Pt), FT 7/9, Rebs 2, Ast 5


Pts 32, Mins 46, FG 11/30(5/19 3pt)(!!!), FT 5/7, Rebs 7

As you can see Chris guarded Granger very closely!!!

Of course Chris's team won 106-105.

Also note that C-Well landed in Italy just a week ago, so the playbook is

relatively obscure to him at the moment.

Marco Vanzulli from Italy

P.S. : sorry for the bad English