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Some Stats Notes

Today let's take a
look at some stats
and see how teams and
players are doing.

Scoring-wise, UVa
so far is outscoring
Duke and everyone
else at
Somewhat suprisingly,
Duke is 6th in 3
point percentage,
behind UVa, Maryland,
Tech, State (really?
wow), and Wake.
That may be because
Duke has thrown up
228, 62 more
than Clemson, at 166,
and 121 more than UVa.
Individually, Archie
Miller is hitting 60%
from three point
range! Mike
Dunleavy is tops for
Duke at .444.

In another
surprise, Tech is the
best rebounding team
(tied with Clemson
actually) at 37.4 per
game. Duke is
8th with 34.2.

As we would have
suspected, Duke is
ahead in team assists
at 19.9. Wake is next
at 19.3, followed by
UNC at 18.3

Duke leads in
steals at 12.4,
followed by Tech at

As a conference,
the ACC is playing
some good defense:
FSU is the easiest to
shoot against at
.473, but Wake leads
at .351, followed by
Clemson at .365, Tech
at .371, and Maryland
at .389. Duke is at

In team turnovers, UNC leads the miscue parade with 17.3, and FSU is at 17.1.
Wake is only giving up 12.4, UVa 12.7 (consider their pace and that's pretty
impressive), and Duke clocks in at 13.4.

Rebounding has been identified as Duke's Achilles Heel, and their advantage
is only 2.1 per game. Wake by contrast is pulling down 7 more game than
their opponents. You'd think as big as UNC is, they'd be better but they are
barely outrebounding opponents - by 0.3.

Individually, Will Solomon is Top Gun in scoring 1t 18.6, but Jason Williams
is tied for first. The biggest surprise? Shaun Fein of Tech is in 5th
place with 15.7 ppg. Haywood and Alvin Jones are tied at 15.4.

Haywood is shooting .667% from the floor to Jones' .587 Clemson's Chris
Hobbs is shooting .667 also For Duke, Boozer is shooting .600, Williams
.552, Dunleavy is .529, and James is .526.

Somewhat surprisingly, Haywood is getting more blocks than Alvin Jones (his
triple double surely helped) at 4.1 to 3.1

Assist wise, Duke has Williams at 3rd in the conference with 6.6, following
Hand and Blake, Duhon at 5th, with 5.0, and Dunleavy at 2.9. Forte is
averaging 4.0 for UNC, while the freshmen Boone and Morrison are clocking in at
2.3 apiece.