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ACC Roundup

Probably the biggest news today is UNC's apparent
hiring of John Bunting
as their new head football coach. What to make
of it? Who knows. Obviously Frank Beamer was plan A, and when an assistant
from the Saints gets the job, no offense to him or any assistant, but it's not
the immediate home run a lot of people expected. Not to say that he won't
turn out to be an excellent coach (like we'd know). But money is a key
issue here since UNC so dramatically expanded their facilities. The goal
was to get a proven winner, but no one bit. So Bunting gets his shot. We'll see
what he makes of it. Greensboro
has more
on the hire, pointing out that he has no D-1 coaching experience at
all. Nor does he have an offensive resume. Well, unless you wanted Frank
Beamer or a big-name coach, then you probably find him offensive. Or maybe it's
Baddour who's offensive. Or maybe, to hear Art Chansky tell it, it's
the new Chancellor.
Whatever. They have all that stuff now and they
have to pay for it. If Bunting doesn't win, they'll keep going until they find
someone who can fill Kenana.

If it's the rise of Bunting isn't the main story, it's the fall of Welsh: UVa
coach George
Welsh is stepping down
amidst criticism and a perception that arch-rival
Virginia Tech has passed them by. Good luck to UVa finding a comparable
coach. It's not going to be easy.

In other UNC news, as you may know, Joseph
Forte is in a bit of a slump shooting-wise
. He poitns out that he's shooting
better from behind the line than in close, which is, as he says, weird.
But his overall game is maturing. His coach says he's happy with his
progress and attitude. Forte from all accounts is a neat kid.

In Tallahassee, they are still talking of Steve
Robinson's future,
which must be nice to hear considering how miserable his
present is.