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From The Mailbag!

We got a couple of corrections in the mail about recent articles, so here
they are. Also, we got a second e-mail about the UNC game but can't find
it for some reason. You know who you are though! Thanks!

My recollection is that it was not
Villanova's coach who dissed us in '78; rather, it was the Penn coach,
Bob Weinhauer (sp.?), who made the infamous "herd of elephants" remark
after we beat them in a squeaker in the regional semifinal. He went on
to predict a Villanova win in the final. I suspect the Wildcat coach
didn't appreciate the extra motivation that culminated in a Duke

Thanks anyway for the historical perspective.

Steve Parman '81

That sounds about right, Steve.

In your recent review of the Duke- Mich. mismatch, you mentioned that you
couldn't remember Duke or anyone else holding an opponent to 2 points midway
through the first half. While it was before the shot clock and in the days
of the dreaded 4 corners, I seem to recall a Duke-Carolina game in Cameron
in the late 70's( perhaps 1980) when Duke pitched a shutout for the entire
first half and led 7-0 entering the locker room. Of course, I took full
advantage of the late 70's at Duke, so my memory may be seriously flawed.
Does this ring a bell with y'all ?

Andy Halpern

Andy's absolutely correct, of course, but we were thinking primarily of games
where people were trying to score.