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ACC Roundup

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near firsthalf
shut-out of
Michigan was pretty
darn impressive,
but perhaps the
biggest story of
the day in the ACC
was Tech's
devastating upset
of Kentucky.

Paul Hewitt, who
came into the job
somewhat unknown,
is quickly building
his rep, and
his players are
buying in
Here's Kentucky
on the
game and here's
Amongst the fans
anger is building
and Tubby's
departure is
considered a fait

Bearup posted this
on the
UK board,
the sentiment is
that Tubby's toast:

the powers that be
are thinking only
Billy D and Ricky
P, the powers have
NO CLUE. If Tubby
leaves, it has got
to be Billy D. Rick
can't come home
again. If it isn't
Billy D., then the
"powers that
be" need to
take a hard look at
Tommy Amaker, Quin
Snyder, and Steve
Alford. If they
don't, it'll be a
long time untill 
[sic] we get back
to where we belong.

Quin or Tommy at
Kentucky? Wow. It
seems like just
yesterday they were
running around in
shorts. We would never wish that job on them.

more dreary news,
the Wolfpack better
start thinking more
seriously about
those NIT watches,
because their track
record so far is
just miserable.
Georgia, while well
coached, is
nonetheless down
talent wise, and
State really should
have been able to
take them.
It's weird to think
the pressure is
building this soon,
but it is. 
And Sendek, who has
an ace left in
Julius Hodges,
nonetheless will
start feeling heat

did manage to take
out Texas A&M,
it was is being
called a
Here's one weird
thing about it:
Capel outrebounded
Haywood, Forte got
as many, and Curry
got half as many in
18 minutes. 
Big Brendan also
picked up 4 fouls
(so did
Lang).  Brian
Morrison and Brian
Bersticker have
pretty much fallen
out of the
rotation, getting 4
and 5 minutes
respectively, and
while Boone
started, Curry got
the most time at

in Philly, Maryland
but didn't
win any critical
acclaim after
blowing a 22 point
lead and having to
be bailed
out by Steve Blake
He's a gutty kid,
but not the guy you
want to have to
carry you down the

Morris picked up
his fourth foul
with 12 minutes to
go. He finished
with 12 points on
6-15, and got 3
boards. So in the Haywood/Morris stock market watch,
the slide in Morris
continues, as
analysts are
worried about his
ability.  The
chart is steadily
down since the UCLA
game last
spring.  As
for Haywood, the
market still
remembers his
recent monster game
and while heavy
fouling is
predicted, the
market discounts
that since the NBA
will never care,
much less call

in the Low Country,
South Carolina took
it to Clemson, and
that's really too
bad. We are not
Clemson fans, but
we pull like hell
for them when they
play South
Carolina. Bad
enough they started
the Civil War by
pulling out of the
Union, but then
they pulled out of
the ACC and that's
just heresy. 
Every time an ACC
team sticks it to
those clowns we
stand up and cheer.

weren't cheering
yesterday. Clemson
started slow

and South Carolina
won for the first
time in a while.
Bob Spear says the
rivalry needs
pumping up
, but
Shyatt and Fogler
tried that last
year and almost
started a riot.
They shook hands at
center court before
the game to make

are so bad at FSU
that the paper
doesn't even always
write the story up
anymore, but the 'Noles
to Vandy
At 1-7 now? is that
right? storm clouds
are gathering for
Steve Robinson. The
one saving grace
for him may be how
stupendously little
most FSU fans even
care.  As a
matter of fact,
we're willing to
bet that a lot of
them haven't
noticed the season
has begun. 
Vandy, coached by
Robinson's former
Kansas colleague
Kevin Stallings, is
now 8-1 and making
a nice argument to
hometown superstar
David Harrison.