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O' Neill, Telep Go Live

Telep and Kurt O' Neill have started a radio show online
and Michael Kruse
has an article up about it. It's a pretty cool idea and we are fans of
radio on the net, particularly our pals at WXDU, who do a great job on their
sports talk show. But there is currently one really big limitation on
internet radio: the way Real Audio works, you have to buy a software
package which comes with a limited number of ports available for people to log
into. In simpler terms, while a radio is limited only by how far the broadcast
goes, net radio can only log in yea many people at a time, and it's not cheap to
do it, either. To build a mass audience, someone has to figure out a way
around this issue. Of course streaming is necessitated by bandwidth
restrictions, and once that's gone, it's Katie bar the door. But as long
as streaming is needed, it's a major inhibition to mass media success...

Nonetheless, we know both guys and they're great guys and we
certainly wish them the best of luck.