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ACC Roundup

State avoided disaster against Penn State the other night (after
losing to Charlotte and Fresno, it would have been a disaster; just ask
Maryland), and one of the big reasons was
Anthony Grundy's performance
. We sat next to Grundy at the Vacarro
game in Raleigh last spring, and he's a really nice young man who told us all
the inside dirt on NC State. We're saving it for a big article.
Here's some comments on his free
throw improvement
as well, including the now-traditional Charlotte table
busting technique. They have been having this problem for at least six
months now and don't care enough to fix it. Incredible.

Just kidding! No dirt, but he did tell us his honest opinion
about State's performance last season, his own game, and Sendek.
He struck us as a good kid, a good teammate, and someone who would be easy to

In Chapel Hill, Ron
Curry has some comments about the search for the new football coach.

It must be sobering to realize that both he and Peppers could simply switch
sports and be almost as dominant in basketball as they are in football.
That's some leverage if they ever chose to use it. Speaking of UNC, here's
an update on Kris Lang,
who seems to be healthy and productive again.

There are a number of notes here, including
K's withering comments about the Love situation,
just how badly Damien
Wilkins hurt his ankle (pretty bad), and a number of other things.

Up in Charlottesville, there is a buzz building around the Hoos,
who are doing a great job so far.
Donald Hand is kicking it
, but then everyone
is, really.