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ACC Roundup

Ok, the season kicks off today, and DBR is ready to get serious. The
Greensboro paper has a ton of stuff today in what appears to be their ACC
preview, so get ready!

First, their
ACC predictions
. Next,
a Duke profile,
a Haywood
, an article on Duke's
walkon Andy Borman,
a State
the NCAA cracking
down on rough play,
a Wake
another Duke
, a UNC
, a story on Clifford
an article on
the tournament formats
, a UNC
and an Antwan
Scott profile.
Great job, guys!!

There will be a lot of focus on UNC of course, as they
resume life under an Irish coach
after the 38 year Kansas interregnum.
It's a big story - the new blood, trying to maintain the tradition, and so
forth. The sub-theme? Who
will replace Cota?
The guy has been ridiculed for not making the
NBA, and we poke fun at him for not playing defense, and various other
things, but he's a genius at getting the ball to people where they need
it. The
N&O has a column on this as well.

Up in Winston-Salem, Wake, down to seven players, had
to get a last-second shot
to beat Team Litho, aka Club Ventspils.
Robert O' Kelley nailed a late J to seal the deal.

Down Georgia way, Paul Hewitt's team got off to a rough start, getting
slapped around by the California All-Stars
and Drew Barry. No mention of
Ed Cota. Help is on the way, though, as Tech has signed 6-6 Isma'il Muhammad,
6-4 B.J. Elder, 6-8 Ed Nelson, 6-10 former UK signee Michael Southall,
and also 6-6 Anthony Vassar.

Speaking of Hewitt,
he stopped by ESPN
to chat,
as did Steve Robinson,
who got a question from a former manager.
Dave Odom stops
by on Friday.

In some ACC alum news, Phil Spence, who played on NC State's '74
championship team, is now at NCCU, and so far, he's
not so happy