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Season Starts Tonight!

At long last, at least for us junkies, the season kicks off tonight with
the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic. So far Cancer is kicking butt on the Coaches,
but it's a long game and it's just started. Do your bit!

Earl Watson and his UCLA remnants take
on Kansas
, minus
Luke Axtell
, which thrills Earl since Roy didn't take a big interest in
him when he was in high school. Payback!

In the second game, Kentucky, led into battle by the supposed Bluegrass nepotism embodied by
Saul Smith, son of the Tubster, runs
into a potential buzz saw with Omar Cook
, who chewed up the California
All-Stars, though we never figured out if Ed Cota bailed before or after that
game. Saul's talking a bit of smack about introducing Omar to college
hoops, and you may remember Omar had some cutting remarks about playing at UK
and competing against the coach's son. There will also be the most interesting issue of almost Tar Heel Jason Parker.