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ACC Roundup

Dave Droschak has an article out about
how the ACC has regained its strength.
Partly true, but just as true
to say that the new coaches have found their balance, too. The Herald-Sun,
newly online, has an article up about the ACC All Americans - Battier, Forte,
and Morris. The article includes this piece of hypberole from Loren Woods: "If we win the national championship and we play to the level we’re capable of playing, then we will be the greatest team
ever." Better than Alcindor's UCLA, Walton's UCLA, Russell's
San Francisco, Knight's 75 IU team....sorry Loren, that's a stretch, to say the
least. They'll
be good,
but they're not that good.

In other ACC news, Darius
Songaila is still hurting.
have his homeboys in tonight
but he won't be ready.