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ACC Roundup

the N&O on last night's UNC game.
Looks like Adam Boone got the lion's
share of time at point, but he finished with six turnovers. Here's
more from the N&R.
There's a lot on Ben
Sherman's site
as well.

Also UNC way, there is talk of the Dean Dome losing money, and it's being
blamed on the ESA competing for non-sports dollars. True enough, but why
would anyone pick the ESA over the Dean Dome? What's the difference? Well,
perhaps it is as simple as this: it's simple and convenient to park at the ESA.
Try that at the Dean Dome. Plus, as our State buds point out, this
isn't the first year the Dean Dome has lost money. It's a tradition!

In other ACC news, Darius Songaila is still dealing with a very sore ankle
and will
miss Wake's next exhibition game
, vs. a Lithuanian team full of guys he
probably knows.

Down in Florida, Steve
Robinson seems pretty confident
despite the lack of respect his team is
getting. He says this team has his kind of players. He also will
have Adam Waleskowski, 6-9 from Ohio, visiting this weekend.