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Nelson The Next Hurley?

ESPN has a column up
comparing Brett Nelson to Bobby Hurley.
We understand the comparison, and
both started their careers on NCAA runners-up, but Hurley had a couple of things
going for him: 1) Grant Hill, and 2) Christian Laettner. We could add
Coach K and a career as a winner there too, but you get the point. Who is
Florida's Laettner? There may be one; Laettner wasn't Laettner until his
sophomore year. Winning a championship is one thing; winning two is incredibly
difficult, particularly in today's environment when a lot of kids bail after two
years and a ring. Repeating is a very difficult thing to do. Brett Nelson may turn out to be a 3 time champion, and then this will be really farsighted, but so far he hasn't shown that he's got the courage Hurley had. That's not a knock, but he hasn't, at least not yet.