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Where's Ed, and Indian Food To Rescue Heels?

FITS was bitterly disappointed on Saturday when Panama Ed Cota failed to
accompany his "all star" team to Duke, so your fecal flatfoot set sail for
Chapel Hill to see if the bashful brawler could be found
in any of his
usual haunts. But after a pretty thorough search of the Orange County
jail, the Chapel Hill police department, and various legal offices failed
to produce the affable assister par excellence, FITS flapped over to the
Dean Dome where he was unable to find the reclusive reprobate.

However, he did find a practicing UNC team which had inordinate trouble
handling the ball.

After watching ten minutes of backcourt bumbling, FITS overheard a
comment from Coach D'oh which indicated that the Heels are relying on (of
all things!) an imminent delivery of Indian food to salvage their upcoming

"If we don't get ahold of Curry and Peppers real soon, this is gonna be a
long, long season."