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Dascenzo On Depth

Frank Dascenzo of the Herald-Sun has a
column up about depth for Duke,
suggesting that it's a catastrophe, more or
less. It's obviously a concern, but with Horvath and Sanders both
recovering from injuries, it's to an extent understandable. Moreover, with
the prospects of sudden NBA defections now permanent, who knows from year to
year? However, to an extent, Dascenzo should be taken with a grain of
salt. Whenever you hear Vitale on TV talking about how there were pressure
on Krzyzewski in his first few years and how the reporters were a big part of
that, one of the main guys was Dascenzo, who wrote ominously about the failure
of K to use....a zone.

There are
things to work on
, but on the other hand, it's November and Duke is getting
Final Four quality games - and winning.