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Kruse On The Internet And Recruiting

Onward, Pioneers!

Michael Kruse has an article up on Prepstars about
the internet and recruiting,
which has some interesting stuff. He talks to
Bill Brill, who was the first guy to really follow recruiting (thanks Bill!) in
print.  He also talks to Quotin' Bob Gibbons and quotes Bob as modestly
saying that "you might call me the Daniel Boone of recruiting." 
Maybe, but for our money Boone was a better writer. 

He also talks a bit about the Jason Parker saga, which is timely since
Kentucky will be coming to Chapel Hill this weekend to take on the Heels.

Unbelievably, in the RPI ratings,  Kentucky is ranked 238, between
Missouri-KC and Delaware.  Carolina is 26, which is at least hollering
distance of the top 25.

Take it with a grain of salt - Oral Roberts & St. Bonnie's are ranked
ahead of Duke.